Update on HB19-1036: PSD School Psychologists Brittany Hutson, Bradley Reimers, and Melanie Potyondy, along with BVSD Psychologist Sacha Mittelman, returned to Denver on Thursday, February 8 to go before the Senate Education Committee.

The bill will move on to the Colorado State Senate for a vote, and, if passed, to Governor Polis’ desk for signing.

Past post:  On Tuesday, January 22, HB19-1036 was voted through the Colorado House Education Committee to be referred to the Committee of the Whole. This bill will grant parity for school psychologists with the NCSP credential to receive the equivalent stipends that teachers, principals, and counselors are eligible for with their national board certifications.  Thank you to PSD school psychologist, Melanie Potyondy for initiating, PSD psychologists Brittany Hutson and Bradley Reimers for sharing testimony along with Boulder Valley School District Psychologist Sacha Mittelman, and State Representative Jeni Arndt of Colorado for championing this legislation!

For more information and updates on HB19-1036, click HERE.

From left: PSD Psychologist Melanie Potyondy, BVSD Psychologist Sacha Mittelman, PSD Psychologist Brittany Hutson and PSD Psychologist Bradley Reimers

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