Congratulations to our staff who were nominated by their colleagues in recognition of the amazing work they do on behalf of students with disabilities in PSD!

The following staff members were recognized at the Integrated Services Quarterly Meeting on Thursday, December 3, 2020.  Their nominations were filled with praise from several co-workers; read on for just a few excerpts.

Jeanne Abkarian, IEP System Coordinator – Integrated Services Enrich Support Team
“Jeanne is an incredible example of dedicating a career to the students in PSD.  She devotes her time and attention, her true heart to every aspect of her position.  Her knowledge of Enrich and the District as a whole, are an incredible asset to us all.  Jeanne sees every child as an incredible individual.  She works daily to ensure they are served as best as possible through our Integrated Services Dept.  Like a bloodhound she will comb those IEPs! Through this unique Covid time she has been a rock for so many.  Day after day, phone call after phone call, she continues to share hope and encouragement.”

Jill Frey, Multi-categorical Teacher – Rocky Mountain High School
“Jill is a dedicated department head. She works diligently to ensure everyone on the team is continually growing and working towards being their best selves. Jill is organized, focused and enthusiastic (in a quiet kind of way.)  She is a natural born leader who works hard to place everyone in roles in which they are able to show their skills and meet each student’s needs in and individual way. Thank you for always being a problem solver, Jill.”

Rachel Hesse, Multi-categorical Teacher – Boltz Middle School
“Rachel excels at building strong, positive relationships with students and their families.  She is so thoughtful and considerate with her words, always responding as an advocate for the student.  Rachel is also a team player.  In moments of need, she is always the first person to volunteer to help out her colleagues with paperwork, services, or holding meetings on their behalf.  She is also a great problem solver, identifying needs and coming up with realistic and actionable solutions.  I appreciate her experience, knowledge, and energy she brings to the team.”

Tatiana Lee, Paraprofessional – Beattie Elementary
“Tatiana has been a wonderful team member. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all students. During remote learning, Tatiana has found creative ways to engage students. In person, she makes the most of the time she has with students. She cares about the whole student socially, emotionally, and academically; taking the time to get to know them and build a relationship. She is always ready to jump in and help out when needed. We are lucky to have her a part of our team.”

Jessica Loveall, School Psychologist – Laurel Elementary
“Jessica is a very valuable member of our IS team at Laurel. Her commitment to meeting the needs of our students is evident in the time she spends getting to know each student and collaborating with those who work closely with each student. She develops IEP goals and behavior plans that focus on the reasons for the behavior, student strengths and uses their interests for reinforcement. Jessica is readily available when we have questions and when she does not know the answer, she will assist us in finding it. I often will use her as a sounding board for ideas. She is always willing to listen and give her input. It is a joy working with someone of her high professional caliber.”

Jill Savage, Occupational Therapist – Traut, Werner and Preston
“Jill brings such a wealth of knowledge to our program. She is always willing to jump right in where needed, and she has a calm demeanor that helps diffuse challenging student behaviors and situations.”  “She is calm and steady in both her work ethic and ability to engage students. She is a true team player and is looked up to by her colleagues. She continually makes herself available and shares her breadth of knowledge around sensory and motor skills with parents, teachers, colleagues, and students. She often goes above and beyond to support students in general education if needed as well.”

Lacy Vannorsdel, Speech Language Pathologist – O’Dea Elementary
“Lacy is a positive light and force of goodness at O’Dea! She juggles a large caseload and is always centering the students’ needs and best interest! Lacy has a heart of gold; she always cultivates a sense of community and team. Lacy is creative, flexible, and an expert in her field! She is always willing to jump in support where she can and share knowledge and positivity with staff and students! Despite everything changing during this pandemic, nothing has changed about the amazing way Lacy cares and works for her students! O’Dea wouldn’t be the same without Lacy Vannorsdel!”

Ian Wells, Multi-categorical Teacher – Rocky Mountain High School
“Ian goes above and beyond every day. Whenever someone on the team needs help, Ian is the first one to offer. He never complains and always has a positive attitude. No matter how challenging a relationship may be with a family or student, Ian is always professional and works hard to solve the issues at hand. He takes his job very seriously and never lets anything fall through the cracks. Ian has no issues asking for helper or clarification when he is unsure on what something is, or how to do something. He values being the best teacher he can be and is always willing to learn and grow.”

Thank you all for your service and dedication to EACH and EVERY student in PSD!

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