This month is Better Hearing and Speech Month and an opportunity to celebrate our speech and language pathologists(SLPs) and speech and language pathology assistants(SLPAs).

Our speech and language staff are part of special education and intervention teams in buildings working with students through evaluation and the provision of specialized services.  Their goal is to improve how well a child is learning and performing in the classroom, focusing on a child’s ability to understand and use language.   Our SLPs and SLPAs are trained to work with many types of learning differences including language disorders, social communication challenges, nonverbal and verbal learning disabilities as well as many other language based learning challenges.   We have a fantastic group of specialists in our district and I hope that you will take a moment this month to thank the speech and language pathologist and speech and language pathology assistant working in your school!


Sarah Belleau, Director
Integrated Services
Poudre School District

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