This week (March 5-9), many PSD schools are participating in the R-Word Campaign. March 7, 2018 marks the annual day of awareness. Read on to see how some of our schools are supporting students of ALL abilities by “Spreading the Word to END the Word”!


  • Fort Collins High School
    Selling R-Word shirts all week, with a table set up during common lunch on Wednesday and Thursday (March 7 & 8). A banner will be available for all students to sign; posters will be hung; R-Word bracelets will be handed out to students and staff.  Videos will be looping on a laptop screen to demonstrate why the R-Word is hurtful.
  • Rocky Mountain High School
    On March 7, tables will be set up during lunch (11:30 AM  – 12:20 PM) with banners, candy, t-shirts, and bracelets. A projection screen will display a slideshow of RMHS students and peer helpers, along with a sound system playing a playlist chosen by the students. Commercials have been running on video announcements as a promotion for this week, and student-led homeroom announcements will broadcast all week.  Staff donated over $500 to ensure that enough t-shirts and bracelets are available for this event!
  • Olander Elementary School
    An entire day of events is planned at Olander on March 7.  Combined specials classes will assemble in the gymnasium, where each grade will participate in disability simulations; discussing how they can help promote respect for everyone.  Students and staff will be wearing t-shirts and bracelets, as well as signing campaign banners that will hang throughout the school.

This is just a sampling of activities held at various PSD sites.  Thank you to all of our participating schools for your dedication in making school a happy, safe place for ALL students!


PSD Foundation Excellence in Education Awards


The 2018 Teacher of the Year Finalists from the Fort Collins High School feeder are:


The PSD Foundation hosts and funds the Excellence in Education Dinner for the Poudre School District.  The purpose is to recognize and honor teachers in the district who are exceptional in their ability to build positive relationships with students and inspire them through creative and innovative teaching methods.  On February 26th, 2018, eleven teachers from schools that feed into Fort Collins high school will be honored as Teachers of the Year from their respective schools.  One of the finalists will be selected as the Excellence in Education Teacher of the Year for the district and will be announced during the program.  In subsequent years the following feeders will be honored:  2019 Fossil Ridge High School,  2020 Rocky Mountain High School, and 2021 Poudre High School.

A special shout-out to the two Integrated Services finalists: Katie Turney (Special Education Teacher at Linton) and Zuleyka Adorno-Calderon (Speech-Language Pathologist at Harris). This is a well-deserved honor, and you make our team better through your efforts!

Mary Hull Awards Nominees Announced!

The Integrated Services Mary Hull Awards celebrate outstanding educators, administrators, classified staff members and community members who have gone above and beyond to support students with disabilities.  All nominees will be celebrated during the Mary Hull Awards with a banquet on April 26th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm (doors open at 5:00 pm).   The awards banquet will be held at Timberline Church’s South Auditorium with entertainment provided by PSD high school students.  Tickets can be purchased through each school’s office manager or through the Integrated Services Department.

It is a pleasure to announce the Poudre School District staff nominated by their peers for the Integrated Services Mary Hull Awards.

Nominees are as follows:Capture
Please join the celebration of these outstanding individuals on April 26th!

Poudre School District—— Integrated Services——Sarah Belleau, Director

Level to Level Transitions

Parents are invited to join Poudre School District Integrated Services teachers and school staff to discuss student transition to the next level of schooling; Kinder, Middle School, and High School.  All are welcome on February 7 at Riffenburgh Elementary at 6:00 P.M.  Dinner and childcare are provided; please RSVP to Heidi Graber, Parent Liaison – 970.490.3225/

Poudre School District Integrated Services—-Sarah Belleau,Director—-970.490.3233

Congratulations to our Cooper Home Grads!

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday, December 20, 2017, Spencer Christopherson, Cristian Cuevas, Ashley Garren, Delaney Gray, and Jake McCartney were recognized in a send-off celebration from PSD’s Cooper Home. We are excited to see what comes next for these hard-working young adults!