Happy National PT Month!


October is National Physical Therapy Month and an opportunity to celebrate Poudre School District’s three physical therapists:  Rachel Collier, Nancy Miller, and Anna Siliciano!  Our physical therapy team serves students across Poudre School District from early childhood through transition services.  As you can imagine, they are working hard every day to meet student needs in our schools.  Below is information about physical therapy in schools.

  • Physical therapy is one of the related services under Part B of IDEA;
  • Physical therapy is provided to support the student’s individualized education program (IEP);
  • Physical therapists work collaboratively with a student’s IEP team and participate in screening, evaluation, program planning, and intervention;
  • As a member of the IEP team, physical therapists design and implement physical therapy interventions—including teaching and training of education personnel and measurement and documentation of progress—to help the student achieve IEP goals;
  • Physical therapists assist students in accessing school environments and benefiting from their educational program and can assist students who have Section 504 needs.

When you see one of our physical therapists this month (or anytime), take a moment to celebrate the work that they do to support students in our schools!

Sarah Belleau
Integrated Services
Poudre School District
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Welcome to Mid-October!

What a great first quarter!  We are thankful to have a wonderful team of Integrated Services professionals; both veteran and new!  You all work together to provide the best possible experience for EVERY student in PSD, through leadership, integrated and adaptive services, unified sports, job readiness, creative accommodations, and so much more; all while modeling compassion and inclusion every day! Thank you for all you do!  Here are a few pics from those first days of training and orientation.

Congratulations to our staff who were nominated by their colleagues in recognition of the amazing work they do on behalf of students with disabilities in PSD!

The following staff members were recognized at the Integrated Services Quarterly Meeting on Monday, September 23, 2019.

Bethany Jackson, IS Multi-Categorical Teacher, McGraw Elementary
(Nominated by Brian Diaczun, School Psychologist)

  • “Bethany is a tireless advocate for the students she works with.  She supports the school by actively participating in the MTSS process, and monitoring kids even if they are not eligible for special education services.  As her team changed a lot this year, Bethany helped all new staff ‘learn the ropes’.  She embodies what PSD aspires to.”

Jessica Conolly, IS Multi-Categorical Teacher, Kruse Elementary
(Nominated by Erin Coy, Integrated Services Coach)

  • “Jessica is an outstanding Integrated Services teacher.  She works tirelessly to support all of her students on a daily basis.  She is a teacher who educates every child, every day.  She not only meets student needs, she goes above and beyond to help each child grow to their potential emotionally, socially, behaviorally, and academically.  Kruse parents, students, and staff are so lucky to have such a dedicated Integrated Services Teacher!!  Thank you, Jessica, for everything you do for students with disabilities in PSD!!”

Thank you ALL for your service and dedication to EACH and EVERY student in PSD!

PSD Integrated Services Students Participated in Hoya Foundation’s Transportation and Construction Girl Event

Thanks to the generous scholarships provided by Hoya Construction and the sponsorship from GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science), PSD students, including some enrolled in the School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP), were able to participate in the Transportation and Construction Girl Event held in Denver on September 23, 2019. Rocky Mountain High School Integrated Services Teacher, Tara Gross and SWAP Specialist, Michelle Wright, accompanied Chelsie, Anika, Taijah and Megan to the Event.  Poudre High School Counselor, Matt Miltenberg attended with students Justine, Tessa and Jessie.

Participants received information on the different employment opportunities in the areas of: welding, drone flying, engineering, architecture design, road construction, train operations, large vehicle driving, and many more as well as information on how to gain the skills needed to be ready to be employable with these occupations.

Students were also able to try several hands-on activities including: welding a pipe, flying a drone on VR, driving a heavy piece of equipment on a simulator, and “walking” on railroad tracks.

At the “formal” lunch banquet, participants listened to several speakers talk about their journey into the career fields of construction and transportation. Some speakers were current high school students who discussed which career paths they are considering, scholarships they’ve already earned, and what the advantages are of being a girl/woman working in the various construction and transportation fields.

At the end of the day, when prompted, one of the young women from PSD said that her favorite part of the day was, “When I got to weld. It was a lot like art work but with metal. I think I could do that.”