CSSP School Psychologist of the Year Nominations – Deadline approaching to nominate a PSD School Psychologist for this Colorado Society of School Psychologists (CSSP) award.

Please consider nominating a PSD School Psychologist for the 2020 CSSP School Psychologist of the Year. We have some FABULOUS School Psychologists in this district, and this is a wonderful opportunity to recognize them. Information is below. Please note that the deadline for Step 1 has been extended to 10/9/20. Thanks!

The Colorado Society of School Psychologists (CSSP) is currently accepting nominations for the 2020 School Psychologist of the Year. If you would like to nominate an exemplary school psychologist for this honor, please see the guidelines outlined below. Co-workers, supervisors, students, parents, and anyone else who has worked with the nominee in a professional setting may write letters of support. CSSP only considers school psychologists currently working in the school setting. A committee of educational professionals will review all nomination packets submitted. The winner will be announced at the CSSP Fall Conference. Additionally, they will then have the opportunity to be nominated for NASP’s School Psychologist of the Year.

STEP 1- By September 25, 2020: • Nominator will complete a one-page nomination statement describing why the candidate should be considered for this award and complete the contact information attached in this email. In your one-page statement, please give specific examples in any of the following areas: data-based decision making; consultation & collaboration; interventions & instructional support to develop academic skills; interventions & mental health support to develop social & life skills; school-wide practices to promote learning; prevention, crisis prevention & mental health; family-school & community collaboration; diversity in development & learning; research and program evaluation; legal, ethical and professional behavior; performs job in an exemplary manner; earns respect of others; professional memberships and leadership activities.

STEP 2- By October 16, 2020:

• Nominator and/or nominee must collect four, one-page letters of support (one must be from their school(s) of employment) from colleagues, administration, students and/or parents about the candidate’s capabilities with a focus on the domain of school psychology.

• Nominee needs to be a CSSP member and must be a practicing school psychologist in the schools, who spends the majority of his/her time providing direct service to students, teachers, and parents in school settings. Trainers, researchers, or administrators are not eligible for this award.

• Nominee must submit their résumé and/or curriculum vitae, inclusive of any presentations, newsletters and/or publications.

• Nominee must answer the two following essay questions in 1,000 words or less per question. Please include your name and the page number in the header or footer on your résumé and essay questions.

Question 1: Describe one professional accomplishment specifically related to your role as a school psychologist. How has it given you your greatest satisfaction professionally and/or personally?

Question 2: In what ways have you collaborated with and engaged students’ families and community (e.g., school, neighborhoods, agencies, faith-based institutions, etc.) to support student learning and health?

• Nomination materials must follow CSSP guidelines listed above and all documents are due no later than October 16th, 2020.

• Please email nomination statement, nominee résumé, four letters of support, and candidate essay electronically to Leigh Williams at lwilliamsschoolpsych@gmail.com

• A panel of peers will review all materials confidentially and determine the top candidate who will be nominated to represent Colorado for School Psychologist of the Year.

I understand I am responsible for submitting a one-page nomination statement and informing the nominee that they must include four one page letters of support addressed to “CSSP and NASP review committee members” and answer the two essay questions in 1,000 words or less.  

All materials and questions can be sent to Leigh Williams at lwilliamsschoolpsych@gmail.com CSSP Professional Development Program Chair

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