Final Post of School Psychology Awareness Week

We are so appreciative of ALL of our PSD School Psychologists – every week! If you have a chance, please take a moment to thank one of them for the difference they make in the lives of so many PSD students.

Brittany Hutson, School Psychologist Lead

In alphabetical order:
Lys Adler
Shannon Altenhofen
Maryann Babbs
Denise Bennett
Lydie Birai
Liz Blocksma
Tony Bonanno
Heidi Curtin
Brian Diaczun
Danielle Duncan
Meg Griffin
Patty Heyse
Courtney Hill
Jessica Loveall
Karen Marshburn
Kristine Middaugh
Emily Moulton
Dana Pierce
Melanie Potyondy
Brad Reimers
Sara Sadd
Kelly Sharp
Jacqueline Shoemaker
MaKenzie Skaggs
Xali Sommers
Stacey Souders
Jenni Thomason
Jamie Vannice
Lisa Vencill
Amy Villard
Sarah Waldron Moffitt
Kelly Webb
Carrie Wiens
Robyn Williams
Dave Wood

Photo for 2019-20 coming soon!

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