A note from Director Sarah Belleau about National Inclusive Schools Week (December 3-7, 2018)

This week is National Inclusive Schools Week. It’s a time to celebrate all the ways we are inclusive in our schools and is intended to highlight how students with disabilities are included.  It is also an opportunity to celebrate the greater definition of inclusion and all the ways we include each other regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, religion, age, etc.  Despite differences we are united! We all belong!

Here is an example of how Bethke Elementary School is celebrating this week:
“On the bulletin board by the gym, you’ll see Inclusion:  Where Everyone Belongs.  Throughout next week we will fill up that bulletin board with pictures and stories of examples of inclusion at Bethke.  Each classroom teacher has a set of notecard in their box with lines on one side and blank on the back where bobcats next week can take some time to write or draw examples of inclusion at Bethke.  This could be a vocabulary word of the week, spelling word of the week, a “Work on Writing” topic for the week, a Seed Journal entry, a free draw time, a reason to give a BOB buck, etc.  Christie also sent out some nice read alouds.  Extra notecards are in the lounge if staff would like to post examples as well or if you need extras for kids.”

Have a great week celebrating the excellent work that we do in Poudre School District assuring that all students belong!

Sarah Belleau
Integrated Services
Poudre School District
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