Bethke Elementary’s PE teacher, Mrs. Keyworth, has implemented an exciting new daily adaptive PE program; promoting healthy habits in all students!


Thank you, Bethke Elementary, for finding creative ways to support students of all abilities!


A note from the principal:
This year, Mrs. Keyworth, Bethke’s PE teacher and PSD Excellence in Education teacher of the year nominee, has started a daily adaptive PE program.  The goal is to get students to move as much as possible and work on targeted gross and fine motor skills while learning how to follow multi-step directions in a safe, small environment.  Not only have we seen increased stamina and strength, these students now participate more actively in the regular education PE class.  This small adaptive class has support from our PE teacher, IS paraprofessionals, as well as typical peers.

Ann Alfonso
Bethke Elementary School
Honoring All Learners
(970) 488-4300

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