Congratulations to our staff who were nominated by their colleagues in recognition of the amazing work they do on behalf of students with disabilities in PSD!

The following staff members were recognized at the Integrated Services Quarterly Meeting on Wednesday, February 10, 2021.  Their nominations were filled with praise from several co-workers; read on for just a few excerpts.

Brenda Bryan, Integrated Services Teacher – PSD Virtual
“I would like to recognize Brenda Bryan for her growth mindset along with her genuine positive attitude.  Brenda previously worked in an ILS program and because of COVID, made the jump to work at PSDV.  This is Brenda’s last year before she retires and instead of having a “quiet year” she is working tremendously hard to learn a new platform, a new age group of students, and new virtual tools to teach.   Brenda has a picture of each of her students at her desk to help motivate her each day. She strives to connect with her students in this new environment, making sure each student feels supported.  This year has not been perfect, but Brenda takes each “failure” as an opportunity to grow and learn. Brenda has fully embraced the challenge of this year with grace, positivity, and a great sense of humor.  She always has a smile on her face and is the first to genuinely embrace those around her.”

Renee Perry, ILS Teacher – Rocky Mountain High School
“Aside from writing approximately 6,000 iterations of our weekly schedule, Renee has approached this nearly impossible moment in time with grace and positivity.  She has consistently worked to team with each member of our group, including myself, to create adjustments to our program that will continue to benefit our students throughout this time.  She has designed specialized class experiences for students who have unique needs/familial situations, all of which have yielded tangible, lasting results. Her approach to this unprecedented moment in time has been focused, doable, and results-driven.  She has managed to create a version of our program that fits a seemingly never-ending set of changing needs and home situations.  I’ve never seen one person spin so many plates at one time. This goes for every year, but especially for this one – I am grateful for her dedicated leadership.  I genuinely do not know where we would be without her.”

Marie Scott, Multi-categorical Teacher – Rocky Mountain High School
“When I first started working with Marie, I was not sure what to expect. She has a completely different personality than I do. She is quiet, which is the main difference. This past year, Marie has exploded from her shell. Marie is hardcore when it comes to holding students accountable and ensuring they are following through. Whenever I have students in her study skills class, I know they will successful due to her persistent and adamant support. She has high expectations and does no fall pray to high school excuses.  Maire – I am so grateful to work with you. You are dedicated, hardworking, student focused and all in all a great person to work with. Thank you for being part of our team.”

Megan Simpson, Multi-categorical Teacher – Lesher Middle School
“I would like to nominate Megan Simpson for her work as a 6th grade integrated services teacher.  Megan has worked tirelessly to make sure her 6th grade students and parents transitioned smoothly to Lesher given the odd year.  She is diligent to answer every single question and works hard to provide all the necessary service minutes to her students.  She is also the self-contained math teacher for all grade levels here at Lesher and does an outstanding job teaching her students important concepts remotely.  Megan strives to provide the best coteaching model to support her students in Math and Language Arts.  She is a master planner and has all her lessons developed well for her students.  She dedicates a great deal of time to supporting her students inside and outside of class.  This has been a challenging year with a new way of teaching and providing services.  Megan has risen to the challenge and excelled in her position.  I am lucky to have her as a resource and a coworker on the Integrated Services team here at Lesher.”

In addition to recognizing these wonderful team members, we would like to thank those who presented during the evening: Markay Cosper, Deanna Hartje, Lisa Hernandez, Ryan Miller, Lizzie Newhouse, Dustin Noden, Emilie Ring, Sean Risatti, Jenny Rosen, and Shaunda Stahl. 

Thank you all for your service and dedication to EACH and EVERY student in PSD!

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