In recognition of National Physical Therapy Month; a note from PSD Integrated Services Director Sarah Belleau

This is National Physical Therapy month, and an opportunity to celebrate our three highly skilled school-based Physical Therapists doing a great job serving our students with disabilities.  Anna Siliciano, Nancy Miller, and Rachel Collier are highly committed to assuring that the needs of students they serve are met and I hope that you will take a moment this month to celebrate them and their work on your teams and in your schools.

For informational purposes, the school-based Physical Therapist (PT) promotes motor development and the student’s participation in everyday routines and activities that are a part of his or her program.  PTs design and perform therapeutic interventions including compensation, remediation and prevention strategies and adaptations;  focusing on functional mobility and safe, efficient access and participation in educational activities and routines in natural learning environments.

We are thankful for our great PTs and celebrate them during October!


Sarah Belleau
Integrated Services
Poudre School District