The best part of back to school time

The Integrated Service administrative team was asked what their favorite part of back to school time is…locker hallway

“I enjoy seeing all the new (clean) outfits students wear with pride. Teachers are looking pretty good too. Classrooms have a fresh look. In general you can just feel lots of positive energy and schools are full of possibilities!”
– Renée Ostergren, Integrated Services Coach

“I love the smell of fresh, new, sharp crayons, the feel of fall starting to appear,   and the buzz in classrooms as new relationships are being formed.”            -Kara P. Harbison, Integrated Services Coordinatorbackpacks

“My favorite part of back to school is to see all the school teams working together to support all of our students. The teamwork is amazing!”                                      – Tressa Evans, Integrated Services Behavior Coach/BCBA

“I live very near one of the High Schools.  Every summer about the second week of August – I can hear the school band starting up practices.  I love hearing the band director talking to the students – he is so positive.  The music is fun to hear and gets better by the day.  By the time school starts these students have been practicing twice a day for several weeks and they hit the ground ready to play and march!  It is an awesome thing to see and hear!”  -Romie Tobin PH.D., Integrated Services Coordinator

“My favorite part of “back to school” is watching and listening to enthusiastic staff prepare for their students. I also love watching students on the first day of class.  Their energy, excitement, and visible love for their school is palpable and contagious!”                                                                                                                                                – Sarah Belleau Director for Integrated Services

front of school bus

“Back to School” for me means eager    faces entering the school building excited for a new school year, yet unsure of what the year will bring until new relationships are built and learning blossoms.”                  -Erin Coy, Integrated Services Coach

“The ‘back to school’ time is exciting as you get to know new people, catch up with how things have gone over the summer, anticipate the exciting new things to come for this year and create goals to accomplish this year!

An exciting time during the school day for everyone is recess!  It is a perfect time for students to get in brain breaks and build friendships; it is also a great time to work with students and build relationships with students.  Make sure to play with your students.” Cale Whicker, Integrated Services Coordinator.

Poudre School District Integrated Services                                                                 Director: Sarah Belleau                                                                                                                    2407 Laporte Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521

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